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TPR 500

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    TPR 500

    Innovative design and high productivity

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    TPR 500

    Innovative design and high productivity

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    TPR 500

    Innovative design and high productivity

  • Overview

    Outstanding productivity and Usability

    The TPR 500 tablet press is equipped with several technical innovations and offers customers the highest machine quality combined with excellent usability.

    The TPR 500 is equipped with a new 56-station die table and can produce more than 400,000 tablets per hour, considerably reducing process and production time. The modular powder feeding system allows for more flexibility with a two-paddle design that can easily be upgraded to three paddles, depending on product properties and powder characteristics. The machine's good overall accessibility promotes easy tool changes and cleaning. Turret removal is possible in only ten minutes, while complete product changeover can be achieved in less than one hour.

    "True Flow" Tablet Discharge Chute

    The “True Flow” tablet discharge chute features an easy-to-clean pneumatic gate mechanism and an optimized take-off angle, significantly reducing product damage and increasing output, especially with shaped or friable tablets.

    Connected directly to the turret, the new Siemens torque drive even achieves high torque at low revolutions per minute (rpm) while saving space in the mechanical area. It generates little heat and has no wear and tear parts, allowing customers to considerably reduce maintenance.

    RFID Technology

    Latest RFID technology for improved security and quality control by simplifying operator interaction with the machine. Additionally, RFID can be used as part of component tracking for a total productive maintenance solution.

    Outstanding hygienic design

    The new Manesty TPR 500 is designed for ease of use, good accessibility and reduced cleaning efforts. The two-level production zone ensures total separation of the production and technical areas – even when the turret is removed, giving you more time for production



    • Siemens Torque drive
    • Outstanding hygienic design
    • Patented integrated die for higher output
    • Fast changeovers
    • Standardized software throughout the TPR range
    • Exceptional usability
    • Reduced maintenance
    • Latest RFID technology for fail safe operation

  • Technical
    Technical Data
    Stations 32 39 50 56 39 56
    D/EU1 B/EU19 B/EU19 B/EU19 D/EU1 B/EU19
    D B BB BBS N/A N/A
    25 mm 16 mm+ 13 mm 11 mm 25 mm 19 mm
    229,500 280,500 360,000 403,000 280,500 403,000
    force (kN)
    100 100 100 100 100 100
    force (kN)
    100 100 100 100 100 100
    21 mm 18 mm 18 mm 18 mm 21 mm 18 mm

    • Larger tablets up to 19 mm shaped are possible.
    • NB Actual tablet output and maximum application of compaction force will depend upon materials being compressed and the size and shape of punches respectively.
    • Outputs tested using ISP placebo formulation.

    Technical data are subject to change


    TPR 500 - innovative design and high productivity

    • 403,000 tablets output per hour
    • Modular powder feeding system
    • New “True Flow” tablet discharge chute for smooth product delivery
    • New Torque drive
    • HMI for an excellent usability
    • GMP
    • Exceptional usability and maintenance
    • Integrated die plate
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    Manesty TPR 500 Tablet Press

  • Application

    Typical Applications:

    • Medium to large scale batch production
    • Prescription, Generic or OTC Pharmaceutical products
    • Nutraceutical (vitamins, health food supplements)
    • Direct compression
    • Medicated lozenges
    • Catalysts
    • MUPS
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    Whenever you require practical assistance or consulting, Bosch experts can support you on-site. Our comprehensive portfolio ranges from standard services to complete service packages, tailored to your specific needs.

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