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KLD 2042

KLD 2042

Automated Leak Detection Machine for Vials

  • Overview

    The core of the KLD leak test method for vials is a low frequency high-voltage, which is applied to all surfaces of the test containers.

    The impedance of unsealed containers in the high-voltage field varies significantly from the nominal value, therefore resulting in a measurable difference in the electrical current. KLD type leak testing machines utilize this method together with sophisticated measurement and testing technology for the safe detection of containers.



    • The usage of prism rollers ensures smooth container handling
    • User-friendly, easy validation and setup
    • Ergonomic design for optimal accessibility and maintenance
    • Exhaust fan and catalytic unit for ozone removal
  • Technical
    Technical Data:
    Machine capacity Up to 10,000 containers / h
    Container types Vials, bottles
    Container body size 30-55 mm
    Max. container height 130 mm
    Test voltage Max. 30 kV
    Product conductivity Min. 1,5 μs / cm

    Technical data are subject to change

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