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Ampack - FCL Inline Filling Machine for pre-made cups

The NEW FCL Inline Filling Machine

Developed for the demands of tomorrow

  • Overview

    The new FCL inline filling machine for pre-made cups is designed for enhanced product safety, flexibility, operator friendliness and efficiency.

  • Technical
    Technical data
    Cups Output: 8,000 - 60,000 cups/h
    Depending on the dimension and the volume of the cup
    Dimensions: Ø 50- 120 mm
    Height: 40 - 140 mm
    Machine versions available Single-index
    Format flexible (2 different cup diameters)
    Possible hygienic versions (VDMA categorizing) Clean (II-III)
    Ultra-clean (IV)
    Aseptic (V)
    Decontamination methods H2O2-steam
    Pulsed-light system
    UVC radiation
    Packaging material bottles/cups PS, PP, PE, 3K
    Packaging material lids Alu, PET, Coex
    Depending on the dimension and the volume of the bottle and the cup

    Technical data are subject to change

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  • Application

    Filling products for cups :

    • Clinical nutrition products
    • Children and baby food
    • Stirred yoghurt with and without fruit pieces
    • Fruit preparation
    • Quark with and without fruit pieces
    • Cottage cheese with and without fruit particles
    • Multilayer dessert products, like pudding, cream desserts, etc.
    • Whipped products
    • Multilayer products (side-by-side and swirl)

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