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Bar packaging systems

Raise the Bar with Seamless System

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The ‘millennials’ generation is constantly on the move, and it’s this key behavior characteristic that makes flexibility and convenience of paramount importance. Consequently, the snacking industry is booming and bar products are currently the ideal match for consumer requirements. However, the modern consumer isn’t just looking for a range of different flavors, they also want a choice of sizes and ingredients, such as granola or chocolate bars. Therefore, the world of bar packaging has had to evolve and now boasts one of the most efficient packaging processes in the world.

Our seamlessly integrated bar line is the first packaging system specifically developed for the packaging of bar and bar-shaped products. As a result of decades of experience in packaging technology, it is equipped with all the features required to cope with today’s specific bar production challenges - from speed, uptime and hygiene, through to ease of operation, flexibility and efficiency.

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