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Vision PA 2020

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Vision PA 2020 – The new vision of Bosch Packaging Technology

Bosch Packaging Technology already today looks at tomorrow and beyond – with the Vision 2020. At the heart of the vision is the question: Which goals does the company want to reach by 2020? Where does the Bosch-division want to be in 2020? The answers to these questions Bosch Packaging Technology has noted down. Hence, the Vision 2020 functions as a means of fundamental orientation to clients, business partners, journalists, associates and other stakeholders until the end of this decade. The six main topic areas are:

Market Leader

Bosch Packaging Technology is either in the leading position or one of the three top players in all relevant markets. These include the key sectors of solid and liquid Pharma and Food as well as Confectionery and areas of the beverage industry. Its entire corporate structure is geared towards flexibility and fast implementation of measures. Innovation, quality and reacting quickly to customer needs are the drivers of the company's success.


Best-in-class technologies

The power of innovation is one of the major characteristics of Bosch Packaging Technology. As a driver of innovation, we offer pioneering technology. Our portfolio to customers ranges from planning and individual machine design including all preliminary stages through to service requirements – leading technologies and solutions all the way.


We are fully aware of the cost pressure that our customers are facing and will do everything to avoid downtimes, increase output, reduce waste and keep the use of packaging materials and energy to a minimum. Our machines and services fulfill the quality requirements we are committed to, in line with our motto, "Packaged as promised".


International Network

Bosch Packaging Technology has its own locations all over the world which are closely interlinked, forming a strong manufacturing network. Via this network PA is very close to its customers and their individual market requirements. The company is therefore in a position to offer the best solutions, quickly and flexibly, throughout the globe.

Motivated associates

We are able to build on our strengths in the marketplace because we have a dedicated team which is consistently well ahead of the competition and aims to be as close as possible to our customers and their needs. They are specialized experts who are highly regarded and respected beyond the industry. Beside their specialist expertise PA associates are also resolute in facing new challenges – on new technologies, procedures, topics and also locations.


Profitable growth

As an innovative market leader, we are determined to grow profitably and at the same time in full awareness of our responsibility to the environment, our customers, our associates and to society. This is why this Bosch division, with innovative products and solutions, wishes to make an active contribution to reducing the amount of food that is wasted as it travels from the field to the plate. The company is also keen to contribute to ensuring a sufficient supply of effective medicines to people who need them and to combat counterfeits by creating safe and distinctive packaging.