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Year of Foundation: 1906

Area: 23,000 m²

Marginal Column

Sapal S.A.


Bosch Packaging Technology S.A.


44, Av. du Tir-Fédéral

CH-1024 Ecublens

Phone: +41 21 633 52 00

Fax: +41 21 633 54 99


Two Bosch Packaging Technology companies are located at our site in Ecublens, Switzerland: Sapal S.A. and Bosch Packaging Technology S.A. Both joined the Bosch Packaging Technology Division in 2004.

Sapal S.A.

Sapal S.A. manufactures wrapping machines and full packaging lines, including up and down stream systems. The equipment handles a large variety of food products including chocolate, sugar, soup cubes, processed cheese, and chewing gum. Sapal has gained expertise in different styles of wrappers with a wide range of packaging styles and materials.

Bosch Packaging Technology S.A.

Bosch Packaging Technology S.A. with its product brand Demaurex, is a recognized innovator and leader of flexible-automation with parallel axis robotics technology. The company offers flexible automation packaging solutions for top-load packaging, and pick-and-place feeding of many types of packaging machines such as wrappers, cartoners, and thermoformers.