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New Ultrasonic Sealing for Food and Confectionery Packaging

Bosch Packaging Technology introduces ultrasonic sealing technology for vertical form, fill, and seal machinery for use in food and confectionery packaging applications. Ultrasonic sealing is a method for joining thermoplastic materials together by emitting acoustic vibrations, creating a tight, strong seam for closures in doy style stand up pouches, gusseted and pillow bag packaging formats.

Bosch's ultrasonic sealing technology is an alternative to heat sealing, and can process conventional heat sealed packages, such as those composed of polypropylene and polyethylene film. With the ultrasonic process, the packaging film is sealed with heat from friction generated by an oscillating tool, eliminating the need for direct heat contact.

Typical heat sealing systems often require intensive cleaning as the product tends to melt and accumulate in the sealing zone. The ultrasonic process can seal film structures that have been contaminated by product minimizing stoppages, reducing downtime. By removing the heating element in their sealing process, manufacturers can potentially reduce the thickness of the sealant layer of packaging film structures, reducing material costs. Removal of the heating element also enables “cold” packaging of sensitive products which is particularly useful in delicate confectionery, grated cheese, fresh produce and frozen food.

Bosch's ultrasonic sealing technology is capable of web material speeds used on vertical form, fill and seal machines and offers possible sealing time reduction. Seams can be immediately subjected to product load after joining, reducing processing times. Ultrasonic sealing can be more precisely calibrated than heat sealing. Operators are able to adjust oscillating frequency, ensuring a reproducible seal. Additionally, processing parameters can be saved and recalled and the joining process can be validated.

About Bosch Packaging Technology

Bosch Packaging Technology, based in Waiblingen (Germany), is one of the leading suppliers for holistic systems for packaging and process technology. In 15 countries worldwide the company develops, produces and distributes modules and systems for the pharmaceutical, confectionery, and cosmetics industries, as well as other food and non-food industries. In 2007, 4,460 associates achieved a turnover of approximately 650 million euros ($890 million).

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