Bosch's Doboy line of medical pouch sealers assure consistent and reliable heat sealing of sterile medical products.  All Doboy medical sealers are validatable and feature process control for all machine functions;  including dwell time, temperature, sealing pressure, high product detection, breakage alarms, and seal quality checking.  All machines have calibratable instruments and also feature PLC based data collection and system control.

Medical Pouch Sealers are designed for sealing pouches or bags containing sterile or disposable instruments that are subsequently sterilized after being packaged. These products include disposable surgical devices or kits, I. V. bags, medical draping, bandages, and gauze, etc.  Sterilization processes include gas, steam, or irradiation.  Packaging materials vary from poly (for dust covers for bulk shipment) to Tyvek™/ Mylar™ sterile pouches. Tyvek™ is a special material that allows transmission of gas or steam to pass through the bag and sterilize the contents, but will provide an oxygen barrier.

B-550M - New! Mid-range medical pouch sealer

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CBS-DM - High speed medical grade continuous band sealer

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